What is the difference between Bullish Sports, Bullish Media, and Bullish Trading?

Bullish Media is the branch where we promote prospects and professional athletes through digital media. Bullish Sports is our sports consulting branch of the company where we provide our daily analysis and sports pick advice. Bullish Trading is our branch where we teach our customers how to trade options while they profit with our expert option analysis and alerts.

How do I receive my sports picks once I buy a package?

You will be sent a link via email to join a Discord group, giving you full access to our sports picks. If you have any issues joining please email us at info@bullishsports.com

How do we make our picks?

We make our picks through a series of algorithms and models that help us find an edge on Vegas’s lines. Depending on that edge is also known as value and we use that value to decide how many units to put on each bet. It is just like finding mispriced stocks.

Is winning money with the Bullish picks guaranteed?

Winning on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis can not be guaranteed. However making money with the Bullish picks is guaranteed in the long term.