Providing you with entertainment, knowledge and a long term stable financial future.

Bullish Sports

Bullish sports turns sports betting into an investment system, which combines both money and risk management to ensure you that you are profitable over the long term.

Bullish Trading

Bullish Trading is made up of our dedicated trading analysts that monitor the stock market daily. Our monthly programs allow you to take our calls and puts on various options to educate you while creating a profitable mean of income.

Bullish Media

Bullish Media is the branch where we promote prospects and professional athletes through top quality digital media.

Why Run With The Bulls

Our sports and investment analysts work around the clock to ensure our customers are provided with only the highest level of sports and financial information.

At Bullish, we don't only succeed in profiting in sports betting, but also profiting daily through the stock market. Bullish Trading Co gives you the opportunity to have access to professionally issued calls and puts on stocks to maximize your profits. Only 1 out of every 20 sport bettors profit over the long term, hence where we come in. 90% of day traders don't make money, while 80% lose money, 10% break even, and the remaining 10% make money. Make the right choice and become part of the 10% who make money. Come Run With The Bulls.
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Dale Greenberg Founder / Chief Executive Officer
John Luedke Founder / President
Carson Bayoff Chief Financial Officer
Christopher Waskas Vice President
Micheal McInerny Chief Operating Officer
Alex Fitzgerald Head Of Cinematography
Ben Purdy Head Sports Analyst
Garrett Sutton CEO of Bullish Trading Co


Our clients have had great success with the course. Here are some our clients that have used our courses and have been subscribed to Bullish in the past and currently. #RUNWITHTHEBULLS

I’ve been in the group since April and have learned a great deal through the course and reading the chat on discord. Both are very organized and easy to use btw! I’m getting to the point where I can make my own trades with nice profits due to the knowledge gained from Garrett. He’s very patient and always willing to answer all of my dumb questions!😂 I’m excited to continue to learn on the way to financial freedom💪🏽 I’ve already recommended the course to several of my friends! Brent Options Trader
I joined this group with very little knowledge of trading. Thanks, to the course and Garrett's tips I now feel comfortable making my own plays! Props go out to a killer teacher🔥 Colton Options Trader
Just started trading this week with no previous knowledge and no experience and I’ve profited $725 in 3 days! The course has allowed me to learn how to effectively trade and continue to further educate me. Garrett provides great information on options trading and always finds time to answer questions and help out. I 100% would recommend this program because it definitely pays off, excited to see where it goes from here! JTomph55 Options Trader
I began trading with no knowledge or experience. Garrett has walked me through the process and has helped so much. He always answers all of my questions and concerns. This program has helped me learn so much about the market and I couldn’t be happier. I’m excited to keep working with everyone! Liam F. Options Trader
Been trading for about 3 years now and I can say that this group chat is well worth it compared to others. Garrett treats everyone in here like family and is always willing to help/educate. If you’re not sure about buying the membership I can tell you that you’re missing out 100%!! Just look at the mans profits those do enough talking! KT Options Trader